23rd February 2019

So you are wanting to be hair free this summer without the hassle of waxing?

Then Laser Hair Removal is the thing for you!! Here at Skin Medi Spa we offer IPL Laser Hair Removal which is a simple, painless and incredibly effective procedure.

Using an impulse light the light from a medical grade laser we can destroy the hair at the root, in order to prevent regrowth. The procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and as the hair is targeted directly there is no damage to the surrounding tissue. The results are undeniably amazing and your skin will be left feeling more smoother!!

But why start your treatment now?

Firstly you are better starting your treatment when you have no tan or colour on your skin to achieve the best results. This is because the laser targets the melanin (pigmentation) of the hair and you don’t want the pigmentation present in the skin being greater than that of the hair. These colder months will give you the best time frame to get a course of Laser Hair Removal done before the sun makes a return in the Summer.

Also it is advised not to wax the area during the course of treatments and shave 2-3 days before your next treatment – again giving you the perfect opportunity when you are more likely to be covered up in the cold weather!

Lastly if you’ve been laying out in the sun 72 hours prior to a Laser Treatment, you cannot receive your treatment. That’s because you can run the risk of burning, scarring, and seriously damaging your skin. Whether you look tan or not, your skin can become much more sensitive to heat without you knowing it. If you plan to receive laser treatments, please stay out of the sun for 72 hours prior.

Starting your treatment now will avoid all these things and give you the best chance to be finished and hair free this summer!! Say no to razors and yes to lasers!!

What to do next?

If this sounds like the thing for you book in for a FREE consultation and let’s have a chat! Furthermore prior to having the treatment a patch test must be carried out 48 hours before hand so this can also be done during the consultation if you are happy to go ahead with the treatment. Give us a call on 02890681066, email us on info@skinmedispa.co.uk or complete the form below.

We are one of few clinics to be regulated by the RQIA and the level of cleanliness and safety in this clinic is impeccable to say the least. Our team is made up of highly qualified technicians. We use thee most innovative advanced equipment that guarantees to deliver you the best results.

A course of 6 treatments is highly recommended and you will be advised to make an appointment every 4-6 weeks depending on the cycle of your hair growth. All courses are highly discounted and our price lists are available upon request.




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