6th March 2019

What is the difference between hot wax vs strip wax?

You may have noticed that when you come into our salon, we will use different methods of wax application for your hair removal, hot wax or strip wax. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on what area of your body is getting hair removal and your skin and hair type.

As Skin Medi Spa is a specialist skin clinic and your skin is the biggest organ on your body, we believe it is important that we make the right decisions about what goes on it and how we treat it – therefore our choice of hot wax vs strip wax on different parts of your body is what we believe is in the best interest of you and your skin.

Hot Wax

Hot wax is ideal for use over smaller and more sensitive and delicate areas of the skin; therefore we recommend this is used on your bikini area, face and sometimes underarms depending on the sensitivity of the clients skin or thickness of the hairs. Hot wax is designed to shrink-wrap around the hair follicle, removing it from the root without pulling at the skin. It is applied by being spread along the skin and once dried in a few seconds, it is easily removed by lifting the corner with your fingers and pulled against the hair grain. The benefits include less ingrown hairs, less breakage and longer regrowth periods. Hot wax also lessens the chance of skin reddening. It can also be reapplied a few times without causing discomfort.

Strip Wax       

Strip wax on the other hand is ideal for use over larger areas with thicker skin and softer hairs; therefore we recommend this is used on areas such as the legs, back, chest and arms. Strip wax provides a speedy application with extra strong grip, no sticky residue and no skin drag. It is applied by spreading a thin layer along the skin and then removed with a woven strip. The benefits of using strip wax is it covers a larger area therefore will be more time efficient. This type of waxing however can damage the skin on sensitive areas such as bruising and ingrown hairs which is why we choose use the hot wax on those areas.

Double Dipping       

All our waxing also comes with a ‘No Double Dipping Policy’ which means the spatula used to scoop out the warm wax will never be re-dipped back in to the warm wax pots. And why’s this you ask? Well putting it simple its to stop our wax pots being filled with bacteria and hair, which I assume no one wants used when having their waxing done!!


So just know whatever the case we are experts in waxing and advanced waxing and you will be in safe hands here at Skin Medi Spa regardless of the area you are having waxed!! To get booked in call us on 02890681066, complete the contact from below or go to the ‘Book Here’ tab at the top of the page 🙂

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