2nd March 2018

There is nothing better for your confidence than a sun kissed glow all over! Both ladies and men are getting on board the glow train and opting for spray tans without the harsh effects of the sun or dare we say it, the sun beds!

We are delighted to offer spray tanning in Skin Medi Spa Belfast!  We use Vita Liberta Tan and our clients love it! Suitable for every skin tone this celebrity favourite is odourless, organic and free from any harsh chemicals – and once sprayed this tan gives a flawless glow.

There is nothing worse than the old days of tanning, the horrible smell, streaks and the mess we left in the bathroom. For as little as £15 you and avail of a half body spray tan at Skin Medi Spa and a full body spray tan for just £22, it’s simply effortless!

For all the newbies to the world of tanning there is some essential steps you should take in order to prepare for your spray tan:

  • Exfoliate – Get rid of dead skin cells and use a good body exfoliate, we recommend Devils Mint Body scrub by Elemis £27.
  • De-fuzz – Make sure you have your waxing or hair removal treatment done at least 24 hours in advance of your spray tan.
  • No spray! – You want to keep you skin free from deodorants and spray perfumes before your tan as this will allow your skin to absorb the Vita Liberta solution.

Loose threads! Remember after your spray tan you will be a little sticky and its best to allow as much time for your tan to dry, wear loose clothes to avoid staining and marks on your new sunless glow!

If you need to a sunless glow, opt for an organic Spray Tan.  As a spray tan advocate myself it’s the best option to save your skin and get your natural looking tan.

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Judith xx

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