12th March 2018

In a busy world full of pharmaceutical drug choices and often complex medical procedures for ill health and conception; Arvigo Maya masseuse Judith Mulgrew is a highly sought-after, certified therapist who specialises in pre-pregnancy and abdominal massage for a number of issues including IBS, painful periods and endometriosis as well as fertility.  Fantastic results, including natural pregnancies from previous IVF clients, as well as healthy digestion for those suffering from Crones Disease are among some of the success stories with the treatment across a range of health problems.

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Ulster Tatler | Our 10th Anniversary

5th January 2019

In November we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with our annual Christmas event and lots of added extras. Friends, family and clients alike were treated to an evening of...

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Ulster Tatler | Brow Bananza

1st November 2018

Kiss lengthy make up routines goodbye with this get up and go technique of having a Semi Permanent Make Up Treatment.

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Hot Wax vs Strip Wax

6th March 2019

What is the difference between hot wax vs strip wax? You may have noticed that when you come into our salon, we will use different methods of wax...

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