2nd March 2018

Between an achy back, fatigue, swelling and bloating, the human feels the effects of pregnancy most often in unexpected ways. And as such, the body of a pregnant woman needs more pampering than anybody. While spa treatments are a great way to achieve this, not all of them are ideal for pregnant women. Before you can book your spa appointment, here’s a scoop on what can be harmful and what can work wonders for your pregnant body.

Facials during pregnancy

When it comes to clearing skin pores that have been clogged by extra oil over time, a professional facial can work wonders. However, in addition to being dry or oily or a combination of both, skin is usually extra sensitive during pregnancy. As such, be sure to avoid treatments like microdermabrasion that are abrasive as they may do more harm than good. Hot stones, retinoids and aromatherapy are also off limits. Go instead for facial options that emphasize relaxation and increase blood circulation, like our Elemis Taster facials, deep cleansing facials and Elemis hydrating facials.

Botox during pregnancy

Scientific studies are yet to determine the safety of dermal fillers like perlane, restylane or collagen during pregnancy. It therefore goes without saying that you should avoid them at this time. In any case, retention of pregnancy fluid can plump the face, making wrinkles less noticeable without turning to cosmetic treatments.

Massages during pregnancy

Massages are a great companion during pregnancy especially for back pains and tense muscles. However, before making an appointment, it’s best recommended that you talk to your doctor and stick to what’s advised by them. If you are given the go ahead, consider working with a pregnancy massage therapist, I am delighted to be able to offer clients Arvigo Maya Massage, and amazing abdominal massage that can be performed on pregnant ladies.  Important things to consider when getting a massage during pregnancy include not lying on your stomach after the first trimester, using scentless oil and reflexology.

Take a day away from it all and indulge in a Skin Medi Spa pamper package.  From our Elemis Facials to Arvigo Maya massage, there will be lots you can choose from before you bundle of joy makes an appearance.

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